MCQs | Development – Class 10, Economics | Chapter-1 | (Social Science)


MCQs, Development – class 10 (Economics) Chapter 1, Social Science

MCQs, Development – Class 10, Chapter – 1, (Economics), NCERT

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Class 10 Economics, Chapter – 1 (Development)

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[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
What would be the most promising source of energy fifty years from now and why?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
If there are 5 persons in a family and their income is 20,000 rupees, what would be average income for each person?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
What will be the aspiration of an educated urban unemployment youth?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
Proportion of literate population in the 7 and above age group is called as _______.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
The number of deaths of children less than 1 year of age per 1000 live birth is referred as ______.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
A person is overweight when BMI is more than _____.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
How can development goal of different sections can be achieved?

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[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
Which organization publishes the Human Development Report?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
Development of a country is generally determined by ______.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
BMI stands for __________.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
Sustainable development focuses on more use of _____.

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[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
What will happen if the government fails to provide 100 days employment under NREGA?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
Per capita income refers to _________.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
The total income of the country divided by its population is called _____.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
What will be the top priority in the developmental goal of a landless labourer?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
What is the main motive of Private sector enterprises?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
According to the world bank, the countries with an income of US$ 12236 per annum and above in 2016 is considered as ______.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
In GDP, P stands for _________.

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
In which state in India is the infant mortality rate lowest?

[Development Class 10 Ch. 1]
As per Human Development Report 2006 which neighboring country has the largest income?

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