MCQs | Power Sharing- Class 10 | Chapter-1 | Civics (Social Science)


MCQs, Power Sharing – class 10 (Civics) Chapter 1, Social Science

MCQs, Power Sharing – Class 10, Chapter – 1, Social Science (Civics), NCERT

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Class 10 Civics, Chapter – 1, Power Sharing

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February 26, 2024

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[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Why is there a need for third level of Government in India?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which is the official language of Sri Lanka?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which of the following community is in majority in Sri Lanka?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which community was rich and powerful in Belgium?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Federalism is :-

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
How many people speak French and Dutch in the capital city of Brussels?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
What is a coalition Government?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Where is the parliament of European Union?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which of the following is not a federal country?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
How many subjects are enlisted in the Concurrent list?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
When did the Panchayati Raj System become a constitutional entity?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
How many languages are scheduled in the Indian Constitution?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
59 percent of the country’s total population who speaks Dutch, lives in _______.

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Why did the Sri Lankan Tamils launch parties and struggle?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which of the following is an example of holding together federation?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which one of the following is NOT correct regarding power sharing?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which one the following is very importance factor for better understanding between Center and State’s Government?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Main significance of Belgium Model of power sharing

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
Which one of the following is the 3rd tier of the government of India?

[Power Sharing Class 10th]
How many times the leaders of Belgium amended their constitution?


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