Meebhoomi- A Step Towards Digitalization Of Land Records- Adanaga


Meebhoomi- A Step Towards Digitalization Of Land Records- Adanaga

In this essay on Meebhoomi, you will come to know about all the minute of details about the portal along with the comprehensive method to access it.

What Do We Mean By Meebhoomi?

Meebhoomi is a digital land records registry that was recently that is in the year 2015 was established by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. Along with the collaboration of the Department of Revenue, the portal was launched to provide data on plots publicly and to enhance transparency in land records. And you know well that ‘Transparency is a step towards Good Governance’.Meebhoomi Portal

Meebhoomi is an entirely digital portal where all the information can be assessed related to the land records. It includes Adangal Land Records, Village Map, and so on.Meebhoomi - all the information can be assessed related to the land records.

However, currently, the Meebhoomi digital portal provides you Andhra Pradesh land records, crop details, source of water, area assessment, type of soil, nature of possession of the land, and liabilities. But if you want to access Adangal and 1-B Land Record documents, you can make use of the website of Meebhoomi.

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Overview of Meebhoomi

  • Portal name- Meebhoomi
  • The initiative has been taken by The State Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Launch Year- 2015
  • The objective of the portal- To make land records accessible to the public and to enhance transparency.
  • Official website-

List of Services Provided By Meebhoomi

In this article on Meebhoomi, you will come to know about the major services provided by the digital portal of land records of Andhra Pradesh. The services include:Meebhoomi - Aadhaar Linking

    • Land records with the appropriate Aadhar card linkages.
    • Availability of electronic passbooks.
    • Proper record of survey number.
    • AP 1B comprehensive land records.
    • Detail about the crop types that grew in the land Adangal survey.
    • List of Patta names.
    • A detailed statistics of Pattadar’s passbook.
    • Village landlords comprehensive list.
    • AP field measurement book.
    • Issue report of Meeseva and Meebhoomi.

In short, in Andhra Pradesh, an individual can track the land record online with the help of Adangal and 1B document available on the portal of Meebhoomi.

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What Is Meebhoomi Adanaga?

Adanagal refers to the IA documents that every village administrator maintains, which include all the details related to the land and liabilities. It also includes the type and availability of land. Several people in Andhra Pradesh also recognize it as village count number 3.

An individual can make use of this document for the sale and purchase of the property. The reason behind the usage of this document is that it specifies all the details related to the land, which makes it easy for an individual to make any deal. If you wish to know more about Meebhoomi Adanaga, do not forget to check the online portal of Adangal.

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What Do We Mean By the Meebhoomi 1-B Record?

Meebhoomi - 1 - b

Meebhoomi 1B record is generally an extract of land record that the Revenue Department of the state maintains on a regular basis. The 1B document can also be termed as a tahsildar record of the land or property.

You can make use of 1b record in court proceedings, in obtaining both short and long-term loans from the bank, and also during the verification of the information of the seller. If you still have any doubt related to the Meebhoomi 1B record, check the online portal of 1B, where you will get a lot more pieces of information about the Meebhoomi 1B record

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Key Features Of Meebhoomi- A Digital Portal Of Land Records

In this article on Meebhoomi, you will get comprehensive details about the features of Meebhoomi that every individual, expressly the resident of India, must be aware of.

With the help of the Meebhoomi website by the state government of Andhra Pradesh, it is now easier for people to exercise land records and several documents related to the land records. Some key features of the Meebhoomi portal are mentioned below.

    • Meebhoomi is a digital portal that provides online access to the records of land and all the documents related to land.
    • Anyone from anywhere can have access to these records. But the only condition they need to fulfill is that they need to be the resident of any district of Andhra Pradesh.
    • An individual can also access all the features of the digital portal with the help of a mobile application. So the individuals who do not have access to the laptop can also make use of Meebhoomi, an initiative by the Andhra Pradesh government.
    • The official website also allows you to view the field management book (FMB) along with the map of a village.
    • The best part is that the website supports the process of receiving certificates or documents related to land with 100% transparency. So this initiative is enhancing the transparency in the overall working and management of land records.
    • Moreover, if you have any complaints related to land records in Andhra Pradesh, you can easily lodge your complaint on the website provided by the state government.
    • The status of any process is provided by the respective officers in the form of regular SMS in a predefined pattern.

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These were the key features of the digital portal of land records that is Meebhoomi. The features clearly illustrate the purpose of establishing or introducing the website.

Merits Of Launching Meebhoomi

Although the majority of the population in India is illiterate and does not know how to make use of the digital application, the launch of Meebhoomi is a huge success.

The following are the advantages that Meebhoomi offers to the government and to the residents of Andhra Pradesh.

  • This digital portal has reduced the need for paperwork.
  • Due to the launch of Meebhoomi, red-tapism in land records had gradually declined.
  • The transparency in the land-related documents along with the land records has increased manifold.
  • Meebhoomi acts as the time-saver in the era of a hectic schedule. Now people need not stand in a long queue to get their paper approved or sign from any of the offices as most of the work is done online on the portal.
  • The best part of the Meebhoomi is that it is easy to use Meebhoomi due to which nowadays even the illiterate farmers can also make use of this application.

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Court Disputes In Meebhoomi Portal

An individual can also obtain the Court dispute details from the Meebhoomi portal based on the district. The list of the districts that are available on the website includes Guntur, Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, and Kurnool.

You can easily download a PDF with the list of court disputes related to land records and documents related to land.

How To Link To An Aadhar Card On The Meebhoomi Portal?Meebhoomi - Aadhaar Linking

In this essay on Meebhoomi, you will get to know how you can link your Aadhaar card on the Meebhoomi page. And how you can verify your Aadhaar card if it is linked with your account number.

Step 1

Visit the official website of Meebhoomi that is ““. Now, click on the Aadhar identities option or other option.

Step 2Meebhoomi Link Aadhar No.

In order to link and to verify that your Aadhaar number is related to your account number, first of all, select the Aadhar linking option. Then at the district village city and their account number.

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How To Link Other Documents on the Meebhoomi

The process of linking the other documents in the Meebhoomi is quite similar to the above-mentioned process.

Step 1

Open your Meebhoomi portal and go to the other documents option. By selecting mobile number linking or based on identity documents, you can link any other document on the Meebhoomi website.

Step 2

With the help of a redirected link, enter your details such as zone name, village name, name of the district, and account number. Once you are done with the above-mentioned step, you can enter the code and can click on the get details option.

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Points To Keep in Mind

But remember that the documents that you need to upload need to be in PDF format, and if you are linking any of your photographs, it needs to be in JPEG format.

An individual can also verify the status of your request from the website. Your job is to click on the other identities menu and select the Aadhaar request status tab.


All in all, Meebhoomi is an initiative started by the state government of Andhra Pradesh that aims to digitize land records. The Meebhoomi portal provides all the necessary Land Record details to all the residents of Andhra Pradesh, along with the desired documents.

An individual can also access the information such as type of soil, liabilities, owner’s details, crops grown in the land, area assessment, rate of water, possession of the land by nature, and so on with the help of Pahani or Adangal.

Moreover, the 1b document available on the portal provides crystal clear details of the background of landowners along with the personal details of the owner.

So, this small initiative aims to increase transparency and digitalization in matters related to land in Andhra Pradesh. It also reduces the red-tapism and unnecessary paperwork prevailing in the market. The introduction of Meebhoomi saves a lot of precious time for both the natives of Andhra Pradesh and government officials.

I hope you like this article on Meebhoomi- “A step towards digitalization of land records- Meebhoomi.”

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