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An Women Empowerment Essay- Women Empowerment- Urgent Need of An Hour..!!

It is an essay on Women Empowerment (Women Empowerment Essay}According to the Constitution of India, we need to establish a ‘Social Welfare Concept‘. Without Empowering Women we can not achieve this Concept/Goal.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment refers to increasing, improving, and making the females aware of their social, economic, and financial stability/ background of women worldwide.

    • Women Empowerment means aware of women their constitutional rights and justice.
    • It deals with highlighting and making the females conscious of their position and laws for them in the nation.
    • Empowering women means women are permitted to live happily with proper dignity in society without fear of abusive acts.
    • Several females in our society are not aware of what laws prevail for them,
    • what legal and financial security they can get, but they hesitate to speak about it.

In this article (essay on women Empowerment) we shall discuss its major portion.

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In the 21st-century, Women’s Empowerment is one of the burning issues. Still, many women in India and different parts of the world are missing opportunities in various employment sectors, and many segregate them because they are women.

Deep biases and severe poverty against women are a significant reason for the pitiless cycle of inequity that keeps women from bringing the best out of themselves. The occurrence of rape and cruel attacks is at an alarming rate.

The Policies on Empowerment of women exist at all levels, i.e.,

    • National Level,
    • State Level, and
    • Local levels. (panchayat)

Still, women face discrimination in many sectors like health, education, economic opportunities, and political participation, which shows enormous gaps between policy and actual practice at the community level.

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What is Gender Equality? – (Women Empowerment Essay)

Gender equality should be the uttermost priority of human rights. Classifying humans, according to their gender is one of the ridiculous things one can think.

Gender equality in society means an individual from both genders has equal access to education and health.

Both sexes can share equal opportunity and power in the community And to bring this thing empowerment of women is away as it will bring balance to the chaos by giving control to the women.

When women get empowered, the whole family gets benefits from it—failing to assign women leads to severe discrimination for women in society. From this, we can understand the need to empower women as this leads to balance in the patriarchal society.

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Some Major Important Provisions in our Indian Constitution for Women Empowerment.Women Right And constitutional provisions

Women Consider in a weaker section of the constitution of India. Here are some constitutional provisions related to women and their life.

  • According to Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, “ there would No discrimination on the ground of caste, religious, race, sex, place of birth or any of them”.
  • Article 16 of the Indian Constitution, “It is related to equal employment and equal opportunity”.
  • According to Article 19 of the Indian Constitution “Freedom of speech and Expression” (To all CitizensIncluding Women)
  • Article 39(a) of the Indian Constitution “It is related to the State directs its policy towards securing for men and women equally the right to an adequate means of livelihood.
  • According to Article 39(d) of the Indian Constitution, “Equal pay for equal work.”
  • Article 42 of the Indian Constitution “It directs states related to Maternity relief”.
  • Provisions of reservation in panchayats for women. (Article 243)
  • Others

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Why do we need to Empower Women? womens-Empowerment-Essay.j

Women Empowerment is the only tool to attain equality with men and to reduce gender bias noticeably.

    • It will help the women control their finances, resources, pay, and their own time to improve their prosperity.
    • Women empowerment is crucial not only for women but also for uplifting political, social, economic, and health status in the family and society.
    • It helps to the overall growth of society and country.
    • According to the World Bank Report, the contribution of women to GDP is more than 18 percent.

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Women Empowerment- Urgent Need of An Hour..!!

    • Gender equality should be the uttermost priority of human rights.
    • Empowering women means women are permitted to live happily with proper dignity in society without fear of abusive acts.
    • One should understand that empowering women can lead to development of overall society, and it also reduces poverty to a more considerable extent.
    • Women can feel empowered if they are allowed to make crucial decisions, which, as a whole, have a significant impact on society and their lives.

Everyone should understand that women’s Empowerment can lead to society’s betterment, and each individual has a significant role in a community and society.

Giving every woman the dignity & respect they deserve should be the uttermost priority of society.

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In short,

    • Women’s Empowerment can lead to a country’s development.
    • As women can also contribute to the economy as they don’t need to remain at home for household chores.
    • Empowered women can contribute to the family’s productivity and improve their children’s reflective view.

Factors Affecting Women’s Empowerment:-

  • Women’s Empowerment depends on
    • due to Man Dominance Factor,
    • the geographical area,
    • socioeconomic status,
    • educational status,
    • the gender-biased sector, and
    • policies available for empowering women, and many more.

Sadly, there is a vast gap between the male and female ratio in the educational and the job sector. So Only policy cannot overcome this gap; empowering women can be possible if there is government implementation at the community level.

Gender equality can lead to overcoming a different kind of discrimination faced by women in their daily life. We can overcome gender-based inequalities like violence against women, economic discrimination in the job sector, or reproductive health issues if we decide to empower our mother & sister.

Condition of Women in the Indian Society – 

Now, the condition of women is ‘Neither Good Nor Bad’.

But Still, now the ill practices against women are considered normal as most women are paid less, specifically in developing countries like India.

Women are expected to remain at home to take care of the children and the house. It does not only make an impact on women’s life but hampers society as a whole.

Classifying humans, according to their gender is one of the ridiculous things one can think.

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Women Empowerment For Women

    • Numerous women feel these weights, while others have gotten familiar with being dealt with substandard than men.
    • Society must make such girls and females aware of their rights and educate them on challenging situations.
    • Women empowerment also enables women to participate in monetary aspects and more significant life decisions essential to fabricate more grounded economies.
    • To accomplish universally concurred objectives for advancement and supportability and improve the females’ personal and professional status in terms of job sustainability, working spaces, financial security, private security, abusive relations, and so forth.

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Importance of Women Empowerment for Society

Women’s Empowerment can lead to sustainable development, and not only that, but it will also make an individual realize their human rights.

In the research, it has been found that women have low & educational status. Her family size is likely to be getting bigger, which makes the livelihood for that family difficult.

Women can access the healthcare facility if they are aware of their rights and have equal access to education, which is only possible through women’s Empowerment.

When women are empowered, their whole family gets benefits out of it, and not only that, educated and empowered women can groom future generations.

Impact of Women Empowerment in different sectors of society:

  1. Reproduction Health of Women:

Physically, emotionally, and socially, women are more vulnerable than men.

Study shows that in an urban area, women’s mortality rate during pregnancy is less compared to rural areas, which means that urban women are most likely to be educated and aware of social and health issues.

Still, in a rural area, most women are less aware of these things, which means empowering and educating women can lead to new reproductive health reform.

2. Educational Empowerment:

    • It has been recorded that the majority are women in India out of 2/3 illiterate population.
    • Higher education for women can lead to less mortality rate, and also, this ensures various kinds of economic opportunities for her and her children.
    • If more women are educated, then they will be more aware of their Legal & social rights.

3. Economic Empowerment:

In most countries, women are paid less compared to men. People pay them significantly less; then, they might have to live in poverty. With policy reforms, the government can give women the power to stand against socio-economic discrimination.

4. Political Empowerment:

Most government organizations don’t guarantee women empowerment, but more women participate in effective decision-making. For women’s legal rights, there might be hope for the women’s out there.

History shows that women’s intervention in political reforms has led to significant changes in society’s policy-making.

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if parents see their daughter as the resource, not as a burden, they will most likely invest in their daughter’s education. Education is considered the primary source of empowering women, which will benefit society in the long run.

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Reason Behind Lagging In Women Empowerment

(Essay on Women Empowerment) Here are some major points behind lagging In Women Empowerment

  1. Lack Of An Education

Education is an essential means of women’s Empowerment. If even a single woman/girl is left uneducated, she will not be aware of anything. Thus, it is imperative to educate every single girl child of our society.

2. Lack Of Awareness

Many females from the backward areas are uneducated and just for the same reasons; they suffer from the financial crunch, abusive relationships, and assaults from the in-laws. They are not aware of their rights.

3. Social Stigmas

    • To educate a girl child is still considered a taboo in many backward castes and areas. It is one of the principal reasons women Empowerment is lagging.
    • Some families still consider it a bad omen if a girl child is born. It is another reason that needs to be worked upon to gain and succeed in women empowerment.
    • Families consider a taboo to speak up on topics related to divorce. Their husbands beat up girls, but They do not want to report such abusive cases to the police.

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Measures to Uplift Women Empowerment –

1. Women Education

Educating a girl from primary to higher studies will make them confident and think out of the box in their society.

The government bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must develop free education plans, build educational institutes in rural areas, and promote a campaign locally to educate women.

They stop their education to fetch water, do household work, child marriage, and work due to poverty.

2. Strict Law and Order to Uplift Women

    • Crime and violence against women are increasing in this world, as the punishment given for such offense to men is not severe.
    • Parents from some customs and traditions do not allow girls to move out of their house after a certain age. It is due to the fear of child abuse, sexual discrimination, and rape.
    • There should be enforcement of Strict laws and orders to come out in society and earn a living.

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3. Women Health Programs

A girl who has attained age is not allowed to mingle in society in some customs. Many families keep women away from mixing with the opposite sex or male members.

In this way, their dreams shatter, as they have to drop from school and be ready to get married.

When it comes to pregnancy after marriage, families also don’t pay attention and cannot take care of their health due to the lack of women’s health education.

The government and women’s empowerment organizations (Like, NGOs, Foundations, etc.) must educate women on health-related issues.

In this way, they can overcome them with medical aids. They do not wish to discuss some health issues with their mother or anybody else, and they live with those sufferings.

4. Counselling Centers for Women

When it comes to women’s problems, they might not be willing to discuss them with their family members or relatives.

    • Women empowerment wings must help them with online counseling, phone, and physical counseling centers.
    • In this way, they can overcome mental depression, sex-abuse, and get any advice they need to know.
    • The government or non-governmental organization must provide a 24/7 toll free-number for counseling the needy woman.

5. Skill Development for Women

Most of the women in rural areas try to earn a living by making handicrafts and investing in micro-businesses (You can take the example of Self Help Group “SHG”).

The government and women’s organizations must give free training and business ideas to empower women living in rural areas.

So they will not be forced to move to cities and earn a living. It will help them come to the town and work if given grooming skills, communication skills, and interview skills.

By this, They would start participating in decisions in their family and society as well.

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6. Gender Equality 

The government bodies, private and other industries must give equal work opportunities as men get.

These kinds of measures will help them to get proper education and work in their dream job.

It will help them if 50% of the job opportunities are given for them where they can do it equally as men do.

Apart from the government, private companies must take this initiative as their social measure to uplift women’s Empowerment in this world.

7. Social Reformations

    • Eliminating all practices that suppress females;
    • helping ladies build up and understand their privileges, including those that identify with regenerative and sexual wellbeing.
    • Adopting suitable measures to improve ladies’ capacity to acquire pay past conventional occupations, accomplish financial independence, and
    • Guarantee ladies’ equivalent admittance to the work market and government-managed retirement frameworks.

8. Self Help Group (SHG)

Government and private agencies should spread success stories of Self Help Group “SHG”.

The government should provide an effective and efficient system to boost these groups (It may be for loans, awareness, or others).

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Women Empowerment cannot only be achieved if their social, educational, and economic status is uplifted. We should give the top priority to education, which is the real issue.

There should be the formulation of more development plans to remove female illiteracy, building skills & aptitude among women for empowering them so that they can remain all alone on their feet.

So, there is an urgent need for a constant effort at all levels to uproot the issue of gender biases in a focused manner.

It is vital for Setting up a proper framework for girls and ladies that hold equivalent interest at all degrees of the women’s social status and financial security.

Promoting the satisfaction of ladies’ potential through training, ability improvement, and business, giving paramount significance to the disposal of deprivation, ignorance, and infirmity among marginalized communities, is essential.

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