MCQs, Sectors of the Indian Economy – Class 10, Chapter – 2, Social Science (Economics), NCERT

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Class 10 Economics, Chapter – 2 (Sectors of the Indian Economy)

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August 1, 2021

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1. The secondary sector is known as _______ as this sector produces useful items from natural products.
2. Information and Technology is a part of –
3. All economics activities that directly involve conversion of natural resources are classified under ______.
4. MGNREGY guarantees job to poor for –
5. Under employment occurs when people
6. The goods that are used as raw materials for further production are known by which name?
7. Animal Husbandry is a part of __________.
8. Underemployment is also called –
9. Where will you find the disguised unemployment most?
10. Employment figures of a country are based on data collected from 5 yearly survey on employment and unemployment. Which organization conduct this survey?
11. The sectors are classified into public and private sector on the basis of __________.
12. Which among the following workers are not very productive in tertiary sector?
13. Which sector has emerging as the largest producing sector in India.
14. Choose the correct meaning of organized sector.
15. Which among the following is a features of unorganized sectors?
16. The sector in which the productive units are owed, maintained and managed by government.
17. The value of all final goods and services produced within a country during a particular year is called as ______.
18. Public health is a responsibility of ___________.
19. Which among the following activities is not related to primary sector?
20. Places of work which follow rules and regulation are termed as –

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Class 10 Social Science (Economics) MCQs Chapter 2 – Sectors of the Indian Economy

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