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Class 10 Civics, Chapter – 2, Federalism

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April 13, 2024

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[federalism class 10]
What is the originally provided system of government by Constitution of India?

[federalism class 10]
The system of Panchayati Raj involves which of the following?

[federalism class 10]
Identify the distinguishing feature of a federal Government:

[federalism class 10]
Which of the following is not included in the Union list?

[federalism class 10]
In federalism power is divided between _______.

[federalism class 10]
How many scheduled languages are recognized by the Indian Constitution?

[federalism class 10]
Which of the given subjects is not included in the state list?

[federalism class 10]
Which of these reactions to language policy holds true in the case of India?

[federalism class 10]
Which level of government in India has the power to legislate on the residuary subjects?

[federalism class 10]
Who conducts Panchayat Elections?

[federalism class 10]
If there is a clash between the laws made by the state and centre on a subject in the concurrent list:

[federalism class 10]
The constitution of India has ______.

[federalism class 10]
Which of these is NOT a function of Gram Sabha?

[federalism class 10]
According to our constitution when was the use of English for official purpose to be stopped?

[federalism class 10]
Which of the following given countries is an example of ‘coming together federation’.

[federalism class 10]
Which one of the following is true with respect to decentralization in India after 1992?

[federalism class 10]
In India’s federal system, the state government consists of the power to legislate on all those subjects that are included in _______.

[federalism class 10]
Identify the Government that consists of two or more levels:

[federalism class 10]
Which of the following subjects Union List includes

[federalism class 10]
Which local Government works at the district level?


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